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Winds of change on Google Maps, what’s new?

Google launched the new Maps with several new changes. For example – when you click on pegman, which appears in the lower right corner, roads with Street View imagery will light up in blue, and when you zoom in, you’ll be able to see indoor business photos and user-uploaded pics.

Another innovation promises that, if you integrate Google Maps in your desktop, for example with the Waze app, you will be able to receive information about traffic incidents or traffic jams. They started doing this for Android & iOS last August.

Google has also added a new feature called Earth Tours, enabling their users to explore 3D bird’s-eye imagery where the Earth Tour icon is present. Google Maps will also highlight indoor business photos and user-uploaded pictures, including photo spheres.

These new enhancements of the Maps, integrating different apps for business and tourism, are supposed to improve the customer experience.

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Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Deputy director for international relations at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague