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Nando flew from the U.S. to start the company almost 20 years ago. He oversees the daily operations of the company and likes to be involved in the creative process of each project. Originally from Peru, Nando graduated from college in the U.S. with a degree in Advertising.

Before Prague, he worked as Art Director and Creative Director for a couple of companies in Florida. When he is not busy putting out fires at Evo or spending time with his family, Nando enjoys playing (badly) the guitar and percussion and doing board sports (skateboard, wakeboard, etc)

Lucie (aka Lucy), born and raised in Prague, studied philosophy for many years to understand one’s soul and explore understanding between people. When she finished her studies, she slowly ventured into the business world.

A turning point in her career was her job in ISA, where she became a Program Manager and successfully led the team for over 3 years. Years went by and she found herself gravitating towards marketing and data analysis, where she found her passion.

Now, she’s a vital part of Evocreative, working at the core of the company, between our clients and our team, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Lucy has a lovely dog, Bublina (Bubbles in Czech), who’s now a very welcomed part of our family. Lucy is a pleasure to work with, but don’t talk to her before she has had her coffee 🙂

David was born in Argentina but grew up in the U.S. and now lives in Peru. He has always been passionate about computers ever since his first 486 pc. His first full-time job led him to Microsoft Access, where he started learning the basics of programming and the database structure which helped him become a .NET programmer.

He’s continued his non-stop learning which has helped in his understanding of FrontEnd Development as well as other programming languages. He considers himself to be addicted to music, and if given the chance, would become a musician instead of a developer- but for now is happy just playing drums every Sunday.

Tom is our secret weapon. A highly talented graphic designer and very skilled UX specialist, front-end developer, illustrator and video editor… And who knows what else!

And he even has a good personality! A rare breed, indeed. Whenever he’s not beautifying the online world, he’s in the real world, discovering new fun places and finding good beer hang outs.

Jirka jumped on his path in marketing 10 years ago when he started studying marketing at Charles University, in Prague. After finishing his degree he focused on digital marketing and has been honing his skills in this field ever since, turning him into the digital marketing superstar he is now!

Specializing in PPC, SEO and social media, Jirka also writes copy in both English and Czech and even contributes with brand strategy.

When not working, his passions are running, gym and gaming… Not necessarily in that order.

From Rosario, Argentina, Clarisa moved to the Czech Republic 3 years ago in the quest of new challenges and experiences in Europe, both personally and professionally.

With more than 10 years in the Graphics Design field, she has experience working with many agencies, as well as running her own studio in Argentina.

She has spent most of her career working on integral communication for different businesses with branding and editorial design as her strongest skills.

Five years ago, Vendy moved to Prague to pursue studies in journalism. After graduation, she started working as a copywriter and editor for multiple companies.

Here at Evocreative, she serves as our social media and office manager. Vendy is a proud Swiftie with a lifelong weakness for New Orleans who also loves to spoil her kitten, Eliana.

Thuy Anh was born in Prague, raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, and now lives in Prague again. She is passionate about analyzing visuals around her and striving to improve them. That is why, after finishing her study of International Business in Hanoi, she decided to pursue a creative career and enrolled in graphic design in Prague. Being a detailed-oriented designer with a good eye for design, she is always eager to learn and develop her creative and marketing skills and experiences.

She loves traveling, photography, and immersing herself in good books. She enjoys improving visuals from the core through research, and she has a deep knowledge of styling and skincare ingredients. Lastly, make sure to call her “Thuy Anh” and not “Thuy”.

Leman grew up in Azerbaijan and came to Prague to finish her studies in graphic design. She started working for us as an intern, but it became obvious that she was super talented, and also a great part of our team (and a great cook!), so we gladly welcomed her officially as a part of our team.

She is passionate about directing her talent and creativity towards meaningful and effective outcomes. Also Leman has her own little world based on still life drawing and painting.

Vojta is still studying Informatics here in Prague, and started with us at Evocreative as an intern. Now he’s helping us quite a bit with smaller projects and getting better and better by the day!. His biggest achievement in school is a digital bulletin board that he created for his school, which is used by hundreds of students and teachers at the moment.

Vojta comes from a small town near Prague, from where, as a passionate mountain biker, he has an excellent opportunity to train in the surrounding forests and hills. Vojta also plays ninepin bowling competitively and writes football articles

We were overall very pleased with their work and I would recommend them

Silvia Bušniaková

Silvia Bušniaková

Deputy Director at British Chamber of Commerce