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User Generated Content, A Look Into UGC and All It Can Be

In today’s age of social media and online connectivity, there is no shortage of content that can be found, viewed, and shared. For businesses looking to capitalize on this plethora of content and knowledge, look no further than considering incorporating user generated content, or UGC. 

User generated content is free content that is created by users whether it be through comments, reviews, images, posts, etcetera. UGC helps to capture and utilize the excitement and experience of customers concerning a brand, business, or industry. This content has the potential to be very powerful with 70% of consumers stating they consider reviews when purchasing ( Even though UGC posts have four times higher click rates than posts generated from the company, only 16% of brands actually have a formal user generated content strategy ( This is proving to be an untapped area with potential for high rewards. 

A main factor in the amount and availability of UGC is credited to the usage of social media. Content is generated in all forms from many outlets, and it has given rise to personal narratives of storytelling and sharing ( 

One of the biggest successes of user generated content consists of its credibility. Since UGC is from the user, it is their unpaid and unbiased experiences, feelings, and opinions. 92% ( of today’s consumers are willing to trust opinions that come from their peers, and companies receive 28% ( more engagement on credible peer content versus content that is produced by the company. 

Furthermore, through social media, businesses are able to directly engage with their customers and the content they generate providing numerous benefits.

In order for a business to gain and use UGC…

In all, user generated content is a simple and impactful tool to consider incorporating into your current business strategy.

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Jay Ternavan

Jay Ternavan

Director at Jayway Travel