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Evolving with SEO and PPC: Voice Search, Geofencing and More

By now, many professionals understand search engine optimization and the impact it can have on businesses. SEO has proven itself to be an integral part in many marketing plans and is how companies attempt to get their results at the top of search engines. Considering newer and popular technology such as voice search in an SEO plan can bring added benefits and value to your efforts and business. 

To begin, voice search is pretty self explanatory, it’s when you search for things online using your voice. Today, technology like Siri is available on most mobile phones, but many homes also own and use voice assistant devices such as those from Google or Amazon. With so much access to voice search technology, it’s crucial to customize SEO efforts to fully serve that audience. 

One big difference with voice vs. regular search is the phrasing. When speaking, people are more likely to search in a conversational way which may be longer and have more specific details. Since most devices can readily read off answers, be sure to keep responding answers short and concise. This might go without saying, but many voice searches will be conducted via mobile device, so it’s imperative to have a website that is responsive and mobile friendly. Lastly, think local when planning for voice search SEO. Those who utilize voice are often searching for something timely and in close proximity, so incorporate and pay attention to long-tail keywords that are localized. Implementing these voice search minded efforts can help elevate a website’s SEO and produce tangible results.

Speaking of localization, geofencing technology is also a big consideration in an SEO strategy. Geofencing allows you to localize your reach and hone in on a specific geographic target. Through Geofencing, your SEO can contribute to more relevant messages seen by the customer, eventually leading towards more traffic on your site

Additionally, efforts in paid per click advertising, or PPC, are also advancing with technology as well. Rather than buyers and sellers having to be in contact with each other, most PPC purchasing is done online and automatically. Programmatic advertising allows for automated bids to be placed for online display space in the form of a digital auction, utilizing an algorithm that can take into consideration quality scores of ads along with the behaviors of the target market. Purchasing PPC ads through various programmatic buying outlets allows the business to leverage artificial intelligence and big data in order to appeal to their target group. So, be sure to weigh the options of utilizing programmatic advertising systems in your business’s PPC efforts. 

In total, SEO and PPC are commonly integrated practices that are known for producing results. With that said, there continues to be new technologies and methods emerging within these concepts, helping to expand and elevate them. Make sure to consider voice search, geofencing, and programmatic advertising in your future SEO and PPC efforts. 

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Steve Rappaport

Steve Rappaport

Owner at LinkAmerika