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The Future of AI Vision

What we did

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The Future of AI Vision

A high-tech brand requires a high-tech image, and that is exactly why Ambarella approached us. Our challenge was to captivate the users’ attention and imagination while presenting their brand and products in an easy-to-understand, professional format.

We began with their website that needed to be developed in English, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified. To further the challenge, the Chinese versions had to be hosted in China.

After successfully designing and launching their website, we were presented with an additional request: To create an interactive presentation different from a regular PowerPoint requiring more movement and animations while presenting their products in an orderly and easy-to-understand way.

In the end, we surpassed expectations with the HTML presentation we produced.

Interactive presentation

Virtual showroom

In just over two years, we have gone from no Web site at all to a number one rankings

Kateřina Jedličková

Kateřina Jedličková

Director of Sales & Marketing at Paris Hotel