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How many logo options would I receive if I ask you to create our logo? How many revisions?

For logo design, we present you with a round of 3 to 5 choices. If you are not happy with any of these options, we present you with 5 more, based on your feedback (what you liked or disliked on the first round). If you don’t like any of the second options, we stop collaboration. In our experience, if we are not able to present you with something you don’t like after 10 attempts, it’s likely that we are not the right company for you (this rarely happens). We would keep the initial 50% deposit for the work that we did. When you choose one, we can adjust it as you like until you’re 100% satisfied.

You can take a glance to our logo design process in our blog article here.

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Martin Howlings

Martin Howlings

Director at Expats