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The Evolution of Web Design: Back to the Good Old Times

Here at Evocreative, we share a passion for all things digital. At the office, websites are designed for clients on a daily basis. Incorporating the latest trends  allows us to be as imaginative as possible and really get those creative juices flowing.  However, this was not the case back in the day. Have you ever wondered what web design was like back when it all began? How has design progressed over the years? Fortunately, these questions have now been answered in an incredibly creative way.

Fabian Burghardt, a digital designer from Berlin, takes us on a step by step  journey of web design, imitating trends from 1991 up until 2015. Take a look for yourself:

View Here: The Evolution of Webdesign

Impressive? We certainly thought so! We felt a bit nostalgic at the office when seeing it!

Francisco (Web Developer): I love the 1999 version with background sounds and animated gifts!

Ignacio (E-business Manager): I started with the example from 1997, oh man…!

Fernando (Creative Executive Director): Sadly, I remember browsing through websites that looked like that when I was in college.

Tom (Graphic Designer): It reminds me of the first website ever created, by Tim Berners-Lee, the dad of the World Wide Web

Fernando: If you think about it (the first one) , it’s a very good website… It fulfils all of today’s standards:

  • It has a very clean, minimalistic design
  • The information is very easy to access
  • Clearly defined styles
  • Great navigation
  • Fully responsive

We were overall very pleased with their work and I would recommend them

Silvia Bušniaková

Silvia Bušniaková

Deputy Director at British Chamber of Commerce