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How Remarketing Works

Remarketing is a very unique advertising technique used online. In the fast paced, information driven world of today, it’s a good way to draw in customers old and new.

By definition, remarketing is the method of reaching out to previous visitors of websites. So, if you had visited a website once or twice, it can occasionally appear during Google searches on other topics. The advertisements are customized based on your search history – so, if you were to search for shoes, you may find a shoe advertisement a week or after searching.

Popular sites like Amazon do this commonly, as online advertising will often be tailored towards products previously viewed or purchased. Its usage is quite effective – with customers already familiar with your product and brand, it’s a friendly reminder to look at the product once more. These can be good for multiple types of websites – hotels, restaurants, and more

The coding process is quite simple, too. The advertiser places a code in the script of the website, and when users visit, it places a cookie within the browser. So, the next time they search for a similar topic, the cookie is activated and the advertisements appear.

A valuable tool for any advertiser, remarketing has proven to be very effective, as it establishes the concept of brand loyalty and allows for a new look into online marketing. The ROIs are very high – customers always return to familiarity. Any professional marketing or advertising professional would call remarketing an essential piece of the online marketing puzzle.

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Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Deputy director for international relations at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague