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Defining your Logo

Whether you have a startup company looking to create a logo or you’re trying to update your logo, this article will help you. When looking to have a logo for your business you need to start from scratch. This article will go through the steps it takes to start a logo, how the consumer uses brand recognition to remember your company and how they perceive your company logo.

Tips on building a successful logo: 

  • Understand your brand identity – Who are you? What is your company about? 
  • Look at your competition – What is their logo like? Same type of business? 
  • Check design style – Is it current? Will it catch the eye of the customer?
  • Use appropriate colors, typography, shapes, line carefully to establish your image
  • Implement your logo into your company – Make it match who your company is and what your trying to let the market know about you. Look at your slogan, and motto. That is your branding, let it match that. 

Using these tips will help guide you to a successful logo. As you are looking into your logo make sure you are meaning to get the message across of what you are trying to portray. 

Consumers perceptions of logos:

Consumers remember logos that are simple. That plays hand in hand with how your logo is designed where you have to take into account the color, shape, and typography that you use. DIfferent colors have different meanings to the consumer. For example, red is perceived as  confident, energy and intensive. Red increases heart rate which can increase the purchase rate. It’s the reason why clearance items are red, as those are usually impulse buys and you may not intend to normally buy them. Secondly, look at the shape of your design. Your logo should be something simple that the everyday consumer will look at and remember it. This ties well into your typography as your logo may be conjoined with the logo. As exampled below, Exxons logo is a type of typography. Looking at The North Face logo, they implement an image concurrent with the type of typography. Lastly, looking at Apples logo, it is just a shape but as a consumer you can easily recognize the logo and know what company it is. 

And of course, if you need any help with your logo, feel free to reach out to us! 

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Steve Rappaport

Steve Rappaport

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