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Creating Your Brand: 5 Valuable Tips

Branding as a whole keeps a business on its two feet. Without it, the product is destined to fail. Being able to deliver your message through your brand is the key to success. With that being said, here are a few good tips to get started!

1. Create a Story

Focus on your brand. What makes it unique from others? Why should customers purchase your product over a competitor’s? Your story is what drives your brand, sets it apart from the others. Your story is your foundation – it’s the very core of the brand. Your brand wouldn’t be your brand without it!

2. Keep it Consistent

Throughout everything, consistency is a necessity. Keeping your message clear and concise through every medium is one of the most important steps to branding. Popular brands like CocaCola, McDonalds, and Apple send a consistent message in their advertisements and products. Their brand is projected through everything, and it doesn’t change based on its products or advertisements.

3. Make it Personal

Every brand deserves a personality. Similar to the story, your brand must have an “attitude” or “style” to it. A good way to find this style is by treating your brand like it’s a living, breathing human being. How would they act? What would they do? Create a “brand personality” to help you map out the growth and style of your brand.

4. Get a Great Logo

This goes without saying. Great logos not only draw the attention of the consumers, but it creates a presence for the brand. A great color scheme and style will make the logo “pop”. Think of your logo as a key – with it, you can “unlock” the endless possibilities of success.

5. Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Apply your brand to everything. Your product, your slogan, your personality, everything. Make your brand your brand. Any advertising made should speak as if your brand had a voice. If your brand could talk, what would it say? Keep this in mind when preparing any marketing/advertising campaigns.

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Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Ing. Jan Banout PhD.

Deputy director for international relations at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague