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We’re a full service creative agency based in Prague, who specializes in brand image, web development and online marketing. Since our birth in 2004, we have helped many companies in the Czech Republic and around the world achieve their communication goals on a global scale. Our international team is a rare mix of creative and technical talent, that is truly passionate about what we do and as our motto says, we are dedicated to help our clients create, evolve and succeed!

We let our work do the talking. Please visit our portfolio, to see samples of our work, or take a look at some of our case studies to see how we are helping our clients achieve more.

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Fernando Davila

Fernando Davila

Creative Executive Director

Fernando flew from the U.S. to start the company over a decade ago. He oversees the daily operations of the company and likes to be involved in the creative process of each project. Originally from Peru, Nando graduated from college in the U.S. with a degree in Advertising. Before Prague, he worked as Art Director and Creative Director for a couple Florida companies. Nando enjoys playing percussion for a couple of bands in Prague, and any board sport.


Anna Nemcova

Anna Nemcova

Office and Accountant Manager

Anna is a recent Architecture graduate and a creative person with an administrative mind, which is a rare and well appreciated attribute, which she uses everyday as an Office and Account Manager. She is a central part of our company, since she's involved with almost every project that comes to us, she's the liason between our creative/technical team and our clients. She also has a strong interest in graphic design. In her free time, she likes to skateboard and travel.


Francisco Rodríguez

Francisco Rodríguez

Senior Web Developer & Programmer

Francisco, from Spain, leads our web developing team. He brings to Evocreative over ten years of experience as a programmer and web developer. He is a very skilled PHP programmer and specializes in several platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Drupal, and he is on top of technology changes. Francisco is as fast and resourceful as it gets. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his motocross bike, skating or playing football.


Andres Santillan

Andres Santillan

Full Stack Developer

Andres was born in Argentina but grew up in the U.S. He has always been passionate about computers ever since his first 486 pc. His first full-time job led him to Microsoft Access, where he started learning the basics of programming and the database structure which helped him become a .NET programmer. He's continued his non-stop learning which has helped in his understanding of FrontEnd Development as well as other programming languages. He considers himself to be addicted to music, and if given the chance, would become a musician instead of a developer- but for now is happy just playing drums every Sunday.


Tom Dionisi

Tom Dionisi

Graphic Designer & UX Specialist

Tom is our secret weapon. A highly talented graphic designer and very skilled UX specialist and front-end developer… And he even has a good personality! A rare breed, indeed. Whenever he’s not beautifying the online world, he’s in the real world, discovering new fun places and finding good beer hang outs.


Sergio Fidalgo

Sergio Fidalgo

UX Designer / FE Developer

Originally from northern Spain, Sergio joins Evocreative as an extremely skilled Graphic Designer and FrontEnd Developer currently pursuing his passion of branding. After finishing his studies of Advertising and Graphic Design at the School of Art in Oviedo, Spain, he has been able to further develop his professional experience by working with numerous communication and marketing agencies around Europe. Along with marketing and advertising, Sergio also is a self-taught web-development professional and also a skilled musician.


Mateusz Kozłowski

Mateusz Kozłowski

SEO Specialist

Born in Poland, Mateusz is a guarantee for our international clients. He has been working in digital marketing since 2002 and specializes in ranking optimization of international websites. Having worked for several advertising agencies, he already accumulates an extensive and wide-ranging record in positioning. Our SEO expert loves his job to the extent that he considers it to be… his hobby!


Marek Kačaljak

Marek Kačaljak

Web Developer

Marek Kačaljak comes from Slovakia. After his secondary school leaving examination in IT and electrotechnics, graduated the classical piano at the Conservatory. He has many years of experience working with audio. Composes and produces music for media and computer games. For Evocreative works as a entry level web developer, music composer, care of all audio and recording voice dubbing. He actively plays in several music bands in Prague.


Pavel Novotny

Pavel Novotny

SEO / PPC specialist

Pavel has been working on Internet marketing since 2005. During that time, he gained extensive experience and worked for hundreds of different clients in various industry. Currently he is the most engaged in PPC advertising and SEO. He holds Google Analytics and Google Adwords certificates.


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