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How do you base your pricing? Will this be hourly, or flat-fee based on the detailed project agreement?

We give you a fixed price for each part of the project (logo design, web development, etc). This is calculated, based on the specs of the work, (amount of work, complexity, etc).

What is your payment policy?

For most projects, we offer a 3-part payment plan: 40% in advance, 30% when the design concepts are approved and 30% when the entire project is finished. For smaller projects, we offer a 2 installment plan of 50% in advance and 50% when everything is completed. This does not include of course the monthly costs, like website maintenance, web hosting or online marketing services. Those are charged monthly, except for hosting, which is charged once a year.

How frequently do your projects go over budget?

Very rarely. They only go over budget when the client requests something that was not specified in the quote and contract, and we notify the client in advance before doing the work.

Is there a clear procedure for billing for extra features or work outside the project’s initial scope?

Yes, we will always notify you in advance if something is outside the scope, and we will only work on it once you have approve the expense. We would give you a quote for the extra work or we would charge you by the hour, depending on what agreement we come to.

Do you have a dedicated project manager that will be managing my project?

Yes, we assign a Project Manager for each project. You will have an assigned Project Manager, who you will be your main point of contact thru the entire project. This PM will not be working exclusively on your project, but we make sure that all of our Project Managers have enough time to dedicate to each project they manage.

Do I own the work produced and have access to it or is there a licensing fee?

You own the product and have full access. No license fee.

Will I have access to all my design source files for internal use? Would you send me all their files (including design source files) at the conclusion of every project?

Yes. You have the right to keep all source files for design.


How many logo options would I receive if I ask you to create our logo? How many revisions?

For logo design, we present you with a round of 3 to 5 choices. If you are not happy with any of these options, we present you with 5 more, based on your feedback (what you liked or disliked on the first round). If you don’t like any of the second options, we stop collaboration. In our experience, if we are not able to present you with something you don’t like after 10 attempts, it’s likely that we are not the right company for you (this rarely happens). We would keep the initial 50% deposit for the work that we did. When you choose one, we can adjust it as you like until you’re 100% satisfied.

You can take a glance to our logo design process in our blog article here.

In which formats will I receive my new logo?

We will deliver your new logo as JPG, PNG and PDF formats, for both electronic and printed use. You will receive full color, black and white and reverse options, as well as a logo manual.

Will I receive a logo manual?

Yes, all logo designs come with a logo manual, which includes the following: Logo colors, logo typography and logo safezone.

Do I have full rights to my new logo?

Yes, once the logo has been approved, delivered and paid for, you have full rights to it, for any needed usage.

Web Development

What is your estimated timeline to build a website?

It depends on the website specifications (size, features, etc). Once you give us information about your website, we can tell you, but most websites take 2 to 4 months to complete.

I would like my website to be user friendly, as well as informative, so I need somebody who has very good web development skills and builds great looking sites that incorporate graphics well.

We have UX specialists that have ample experience with user experience and understand how users browse a website. We understand how crucial is for a website to be easy to use and viewable in all different screens sizes. This is why we put emphasis on user experience and responsiveness in all of the websites that we design.

Do you have your own staff of designers and developers? it’s important to me that my brand identity and website are designed by the same person or team, so they are consistent.

Yes. We have in house graphics designers, website developers and online marketing specialists. In addition to that, we have an external team of designers, developers and SEO experts that we collaborate with on a regular basis.

For the initial brand image stage, our in house designers would work on your logo and other materials, and your website, under an Art Director’s supervision. For the website development part, our in house developers would work on your website, possibly with the help of external developers. For the online marketing part, we would work on the entire strategy and social media management in house, while the techincal SEO aspects will be given to our SEO experts remotely. You will have an assigned Project Manager, who you will be your main point of contact thru the entire project.

You can learn more about our team.

Can you build the site responsive, so it will work on mobile devices and tablets?

Yes, all of the websites that we develop are fully responsive. We understand how important this is for user experience and search engine indexing.

Is there a limit to the number of changes or revisions? If so, how many?

For the inital wireframe you have 3 revisions. For the homepage design, we present you with one design (unless otherwise specified), which follows the approved wireframe and your brand guidelines. If you are not satisfied with the design, we can prepare one more based on your feedback. You have then 3 design changes allowed for the homepage and each inner page template.
Once the design is fully approved and we start working on the development part, any changes to the design are considered outside of the scope of the project and therefore, charged separately. We allow up to 3 text changes.

Is your content management system (CMS)/technology proprietary or open source? What types of licensing fees are there? I don’t want to have proprietary software owned. Would WordPress be the source?

It’s open source. We use mainly WordPress, but depending on the project, we can also use Joomla, Drupal or Prestashop. No licensing fees required.

Do you have copywriting abilities to create both compelling copy for the website itself as well as quality content for the social web?

Yes, we do. We offer copywriting services in several languages and for different industries. We also offer as part of our Digital Marketing services, community management and writing PR articles, blogs, etc.

How do you run spell checks?

In the case that our copywriters are writing the text for you website, our text is checked with Word check spelling functionality and then is fully reviewed and spell checked by a person.

What if I want to make changes to my website after it has been finished?

You have 2 options. You can make changes yourself thru the CMS that your website comes with, or we can make the changes for you thru one of our website maintenance plans. We offer plans for 3, 5 and 10 hours a month… And larger plans upon request. Please contact us if interested.

Do you offer a warranty? If so, how long is the warranty good for? Maintenance plan? Service Plan? Hosting? What are those costs?

We offer a one month warranty. After that, we can be hired to solve any technical or functionality issues at an hourly rate or with the unlimited technical support that is offered with our maintenance plans.

How do I track the success of my website? Would I have ways to track it and would it be part in your proposal?

If we are hired to create an execute a digital marketing campaign for you, we would present you with a report every month, tracking the progress.

Could we host our website in our own servers or servers in our country? Is this recommended?

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to host your website in your own server or a server that we recommend in your country. We currently host some of our clients websites in their countries or continents. We agree that this is best if you are targeting that market. This is one of the many things that we would recommend doing to improve your SEO.

What kind of changes will cost money? Will my content-management tool allow me to add new forms, change animations, or create new types of page layouts?

If you purchase one of our web maintenance plans, all of these things are included. Unfortunately it will be difficult for you to change animations, create new page layouts or forms on your own. This requires more technical knowledge.

Digital Marketing

I would like that my potential customers would find my website easily on search engines. Is this included in website development?

SEO is not included in our web development services, but we do offer it as a part of our Digital Marketing services. We create Digital Marketing strategies customized to our clients needs, which include, besides SEO, email marketing, online PR articles, social media management and PPC campaigns.

Do you have a proven track-record of achieving Page One Google results?

Although we cannot guarantee results, we have gotten many of our clients keywords on page one of Google and other search engines. We have met all of our objectives with past clients and we have a great track record. We invite you to see our case studies or to call us to ask for more specific information or references. The success of our website’s rating speaks volumes about our abilities. If you search for online marketing or graphic design, or other terms for our services, you should be able to find us in the first page of Google.

How do you measure your results? Unique visitors, bounce rate, conversion percentage (i.e. sales membership) and Page One Google ranking for multiple keywords? Are these the most important metrics? Would you show me how to track these measures as well? Are your results published and verified by clients?

We use Google Analytics to measure the traffic (unique visitors, referrals, location, time on the site, etc), but in regards to the conversion rate, we set specific goals (contact page, “thank you” page, online chat, etc).

We usually set with the client a list of Key Performance Indicators (traffic, conversions, fans, etc) and we take care of them with Google Analytics, but in addition by measuring backlinks, position on the Search Engine Results Page for the main keywords, and we analyse new opportunities and long tail search (key phrases that can bring you more leads than the keywords), and we can track as well your online reputation, mentions, engagement on Facebook, etc. We send to the clients an in-depth report every month with all those parameters and the progress.

Website Maintenance

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