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Jedu vodu



The Jedu Vodu project is a brand new concept in Czech Republic. The main goal of the Jedu Vodu project is to raise funds to improve the summer camps and other holiday facilities along the banks of the Vltava river in South Bohemia, by selling reusable plastic cups. Our challenge was to create a new brand and launch a campaign to promote a more positive and responsible culture of kayakers and campers and persuade them in take part in this project... All in a very tight deadline of 2 months!

We were asked in March to have everything ready before the main summer season hits the region (mid May), starting with the logo and initial concept, followed by a website and various promotion materials.


We scheduled a quick brainstorming session with our PR specialist, copywriter and entire creative team, including our graphic designers, and we invited the client to participate... And we wasted no time throwing around ideas related to the logo, slogan and overall concept. Time was definitely our main enemy when working on the project, but finally we all came to an agreement regarding the concept, so we could move further. Nabíráme nový kurz! We take a new course, as the selected motto says!

The client decided to go with the concept of several animated characters, that would represent the typical characters of the kayaking and paddling culture – The camper/nature guru, the curious little boy, the hot bikini-wearing blond and of course, the drunk guy, who would be representing in a funny way, the negative behaviour that the campaign is promoting against - drinking alcohol when paddling.

We wanted to come up with a playful and funny concept that can be adjusted to any purpose accordingly. The colours we used were based on the Czech flag – blue and red, but were complemented by colors representing nature, green and brown.

We wanted to get the river goers interested and involved in the project, so we came up with the idea of offering temporary tattoos with the logo that anyone who would buy a reusable cup. They could then wear it and take a photo with it to share on our Facebook page for a chance to win a prize.


Despite the limited time we had, the concept was a success. We designed and developed posters, website, billboards, advertisement materials, website banners, package for the tattoo, graphics for their Facebook page that we also managed, and design of the cups themselves! The slogan, bright colors and lively illustrations that we used in these materials were quite recognized in the area by the intended audience.

With their Facebook page management we got more than 1 200 fans in just 2 months with total reach of 31 000 people after first month. The campaign was supported by facebook ads by the end of the first month.

With all the promotion and instantly growing facebook community, we believe the project started very well and mainly locally (in South Bohemia) has raised awareness and support.

They were 2 very intense months of work, but we enjoyed every moment, and we would like to think that our enthusiasm and love for the project was shown in the materials and final results.

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