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webdesign, brand image, multimedia, development


Our company designed their online corporate image which highlights their innovative services. We launched their project in Germany and Czech Republic and contributed to the evolution of the company, at present in 7 different countries. Evocreative pointed their digital identity to the flight simulator as a complete experience. An easy-to-use website, dynamic, intuitive and ready to take off in 18 cities all around the world.

Web Development

iPilot counts on our e-commerce platform to offer over 11 categories with a long list of experiences ready to be easily added to the shopping cart in many different currencies. We maintained the technical requirements of their international brands and oversaw their growth.
Our developers added coupon and discount systems that have completed some of the main functionalities. In addition, we have implemented digital marketing tools to ensure not only excellent results, but to be able to measure and analyse traffic and conversion rates.


Emotions play a huge role in how consumers act and react.
We created a short promotional video for the client to combine pictures and scenes to describe visually the iPilot experience.

Website Maintenance

We are currently processing to some maintenance on the website for few of hours. Therefore, it's possible that some functionalities do not work properly.