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Aliter Restaurant

brand image, public relation

Located on a quiet street in the center of Prague, Aliter Restaurant is one of the most unique and colorful restaurants Prague has to offer. The restaurant is hidden in a hotel, as well - thus, not many people know of it. However, Aliter has finally begun to gain recognition for its craft...with a little help from Evocreative.


By researching the history of the area in Prague, we were able to conceptualize an overall idea for the restaurant's image.


The area is historically known for its location by the bank of the Vltava. This has allowed craftsmen and traders to flourish for centuries, as they benefited greatly from the river and its' bounties. This information has allowed us to develop a historical point of view for the brand and create an overall concept for its' image.


We created an elegant brand that translates perfectly through all of their materials. Our brand image manual has helped the restaurant to keep their brand consistent for their future, ensuring success. We've organized several photo shoots, video presentations, and created their internal and collateral materials, showcasing the brand on every facet possible.

Public Relation

We've managed to have a series of articles published within a very short period of time, as well. We've created a massive business-to-business database with companies surrounding the hotel, allowing for cross-promotion with vouchers, wedding companies, and much more.


We have organized a multitude of events for the restaurant to better increase average traffic.

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